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Hyundai1999-2016$20.00Keycode and PIN
Hyundai2017+$45.00Keycode and PIN
Kia1999-2016$20.00Keycode and PIN
Kia2017+$45.00Keycode and PIN
Honda1990+$31.00Keycode (8AM-12PM)
Acura1990+$31.00Keycode (8AM-12PM)
Chrysler1990-2016$49.00Keycode and PIN
Dodge1990-2016$49.00Keycode and PIN
Eagle1990-2016$49.00Keycode and PIN
Jeep1990-2016$49.00Keycode and PIN
Plymouth1990-2016$49.00Keycode and PIN

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KeycodeDirect.com is an online service that allows auto locksmiths to retrieve key codes and pin codes.

KeycodeDirect.com is run by a team of professionals with great experience in the Auto Keys & Locks Industry.
We strive to answer the needs of other professionals in the field by providing them with a fast and easy to use service
that is constantly developing and advancing in order to keep up with the competitive and innovative field of Auto Keys & Locks

With more than 25 years of experience, we understand the needs of the professional locksmith on the field and we implement this understanding in every aspect of our service

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